asd1At the time of going to the swimming pool we have to take into account a number of health habits that can prevent the spread of skin diseases and certain related pathology bathroom. Pathologies associated with the use of the pool, although usually Jelly Gamat Gold G benign, which is annoying and often, so we should have an impact on prevention. The pool water must be the same as drinking water microbiological properties, so germs that may arise basically caused by swimmers.

Among the most common infection that can be spread in the pond is otitis, frequent illness among swimmers, a few hours or days usually occur after a shower. Complications are rare and the infection can affect the middle ear. Recommendations to prevent this condition consists of using earplugs, shower cap and shook his head out of the water.

Athlete’s foot is a common infection in the pool. It is characterized by a gentle peeling feet, which gradually deteriorated to develop the inflammatory process and produce odors. The factors involved in disease progression hiperhidrasi, footwear occlusive and wet feet. Poor hygiene, walking barefoot in contaminated swimming pools, changing rooms and showers favor the appearance of the hotel where the disease.

Keep in mind that there are other pathological processes with symptoms similar to athlete’s foot as allergic dermatitis, atopic and contact, so if the infection does not improve after several weeks of treatment with antifungal must recommend medical consultation.

In any case, it is important that people get proper health education. So, when you go for a bath forget a set of rules. Wear a hat, do not go to the pool if you have a contagious disease and shower before bathing. It is also advisable to use shoes at all times to get to the pool and in accordance with the rules that tell us in the sports facilities. In this way, you will enjoy a better shower and reduce the risk of spread of infection.

Pharmaceutical studies taught in university faculties throughout Spain and a degree obtained in each effect across the country.

Five-year-long study of theoretical and practical instruction,

including six months of supervised practice in a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy services, as determined by the European directives. Thus, pharmacists cooperate with the administration over the workload of teaching subjects, supervised practice.

Compared with other European countries, in Spain there are more students Pharmaceuticals: there are about 13,000 students are enrolled, and each year about 2,700 students licensed. This figure is much higher than in other European countries, like Britain, with 1,050 and Germany with 1,600, a country that also has a much larger population.

The official title of Graduate Pharmacy pharmacist attributes:

– Adequate knowledge of medicines and the substances used in their manufacture.
– Adequate knowledge of pharmaceutical technology and the physical, chemical, biological and microbiological control drug.
– Adequate knowledge of the metabolism and the effects of drugs and toxic actions and their usage.
– Adequate knowledge to evaluate scientific data concerning medicines to give, on this basis, the appropriate information.
– Adequate knowledge of the legal and other issues concerning the implementation of the pharmaceutical activities.

Also, knowledge of public health, health education and clinical analysis will be provided, and related community, health requirements necessary for the implementation of the pharmaceutical activities.

Once licensed, the pharmacist can choose more than 30 professional opportunities

both in the public sector, serving the body and the different authorities, and the private sector. Of all the career opportunities that can be accessed only three are exclusive to pharmacists. Another option is an open competition with other graduates. Pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and technical management of the distribution warehouse three specific activities for pharmacists. They can also be considered for inclusion bodies in government services in this section, exclusive access to the pharmacist, as the Body of the National Health Pharmacists, pharmacy inspector autonomous community, pharmacists in primary care or military pharmacy. Another of professional pharmaceutical output is the pharmaceutical industry technicians dermopharmaceutical industry technical direction, technical quality control and manufacturing techniques of pharmaceutical drug information, business management, literature or, among others. On top of all the professional opportunities highlights pharmacies, in carrying out their professional work more than 42,000 pharmacists.

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